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Overwhelmed with the challenges of owning a new puppy? Don’t know what to do next?

Discover the Fun 30-Day Program That Will Turn Your Chaotic Puppy into The Friendliest, Most Well-Trained Dog

This is not a “good to have”, this is essential for puppy owners


What if You Could Have That Adorable Puppy You Always Wanted…?


You could envision walking it and taking it with you wherever you go…


But just a day into getting the puppy home, you realised that this little furry friend comes with more than a handful of challenges…


A puppy needs to be toilet trained, it can bark excessively, it can be mouthy and bite everything in sight…


As a first-time dog owner, you can quickly get overwhelmed and frustrated…


Not to mention, proper dog training is more than just obedience…


It teaches the dog how to stay calm and works on its overall well-being…


A Race Against Time


The problem is you don’t really have the time to explore solutions…


Or try different approaches before finding one that works…


That’s because a puppy’s brain develops completely within the first 18 weeks…


Taking matters into your own hands can do more harm than good…


And leave you with a dog that exhibits numerous challenges throughout its life…


Not only can you get stuck with an untrained dog but one that is dangerous…


As a result, many owners can give up on their dogs…


That is heart-breaking…


But I asked myself… Why do so many people give up on their puppy's?

Here's what I discovered.


  • Most behaviour problems in a dog come from training and guidance that has been missed at this young age…
  • Owners just don't know the importance of time specific training in the first few months of owning their puppy…
  • Bite inhibitions has not been taught and the biting has gone past mouthing to dangerous and the dog is given up on…
  • Toilet training hasn't been done quick enough and the puppy keeps using the home as a toilet and the owner cant stand it and gives up on the dog…
  • The puppy constantly chews on the household furniture and the owner gives up…
  • The puppy has turned into a fearful dog in the outside world as its missed its socialisation windows to prevent barking and fearful behaviour in the future and so the owner cant cope and gives up on the dog… 


So, is there anything at all that you can do…?


What if you could be provided with daily support on what to do…?


Knowing the exact steps you need to take that particular day to promote the growth and development of your puppy to promote the calmer behaviour…


Introducing The 30-Day Puppy Plan


A 30-day program that starts from the day of ownership and takes you by the hand to the point where you have that calm friendly dog you always wanted…


A program created by a dog behaviourist/trainer with more than 12 years of experience…


Who has helped thousands of dog owners and dogs in that time…


Giving you his experience, knowledge, tips and more helping you turn your puppy into a calm dog the moment you bring it into your home…


Imagine waking up to a clear set of instructions…


Knowing exactly what needs to be done…


Over the last 13 plus years, I've been finding and collecting the best force free dog training methods, and in this 30 day course, I'll share all of my tried and tested tips, tricks, and resources with you.


Giving you the best start for your puppy to help it become obedient, well behaved, calm and well mannered dog.


Forget about OLD STYLE TRAINING, I'll be teaching you to train your puppy in a force free manner.


Instead of shouting, using fear and getting frustrated with your dog, you'll learn fun and interesting ways to educate your puppy the right way from the start so you are setting it up for success.


Instead of feeling frustrated, you'll be amazed! 


And the best part? When you see that calm dog, you'll know that you have helped achieve the desired result and your dog will thank you for it with the extraordinary bond you have between each other!


What You Will Get


  • Have bite inhibition within weeks

  • Have toilet training under control within weeks

  • Be able to do basic obedience to help communicate better with your dog and have more control

  • Know how to socialise your puppy from day one

  • Prevent future problems at a later date through correct habituation

  • Learn how to train in a fun force free way

  • Find out how to use your puppy's meals for education

  • Promote calmness day in day out

  • Become the pet parent you want be




Don't let anything hold you back from experiencing this joy and freedom of owning a calm well behaved puppy through following your daily instructions! Otherwise, you may just regret it.



Let's Break This Down…

Imagine You Hired A


Near You… 


Most professional trainers and behaviourists charge anywhere up to £200 per lessons due to their knowledge and training being offered. So, if you have one lesson a week, you would spend anywhere from £500- £3000 on lessons each year.


My 30 Day Puppy Plan Course will give you lifetime access to your personal daily emailed instructions to refer back to if needed.


With 30 simple daily lessons, and countless tips and advice involved in those daily lessons, that will stand you in good stead raising your beloved puppy.


This package is valued at just £99… which means each lesson costs less than £3.


But you're not paying full price today…you're only paying £9 for the full course! This means you are paying around 0.30p per lesson!


I'm so confident that if you follow these simple but effective training instructions on a daily basis you'll learn to help your puppy become calmer day after day.


That is why I'm offering a 30-day 100% money back guarantee! If you personally don't think you've made an improvement after following my program, just shoot me an email and you'll get a full refund!


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Happy Household

Your dog will become a member of your family over the 30 days of this program. Experience a happier home with a new cuddly addition to the family.

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Confident Puppy

Have the peace of mind of knowing that your puppy or dog is trained to handle any and all situations in the most calm and confident manner.

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Impress people with your dog’s obedience and enjoy a stress-free experience.

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Daily emails to keep you and your puppy learning on the right track.

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Learn at your own pace and easy to follow instructions.

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Confidence in knowing your doing the right thing for your puppy.

But Will I Actually Learn?

Yes! How do I know this? I have helped thousands of owners and their dogs over the years to become happy calm dogs. Check out what some of had to say about my puppy training!


Here’s What Others Are Saying About The 30-Day Puppy Plan



The emails are really helpful and can be looked back over for reminders etc. The main thing is to be consistent with all the advice and guidance off Jason… But when you do and you see it working with your pup…it's the best thing. 



All the emails you have sent me have been really helpful. I have printed them off so I can refer back if needed. I would most certainly recommend you to friends as you are very thorough in everything you have done to help me train Bella.

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30 Day, 100% Money Back Guarantee
I'm so confident that I can help you have a calmer puppy / dog by following the training, that I'm offering a 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee! If you put everything into practice and you don't think you see any improvement after taking my course, send me an email and I'll refund you!

Save the time, energy, and frustration of struggling with an ineffective approach. Buy now to enjoy the greatest discount we’ve ever had on this course.

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